• Antoni Gaudi
    Antoni Gaudi
    13.00 € (C/ IVA)
  • Milu's dog
    Milu's dog
    14.00 € (C/ IVA)
  • Candido and everybody else
    Candido and everybody else
    14.00 € (C/ IVA)
  • Simon's vegetable garden
    Simon's vegetable garden
    15.00 € (C/ IVA)
  • Nunu's games
    Nunu's games
    7.00 € (C/ IVA)
  • Nunu's walk
    Nunu's walk
    7.00 € (C/ IVA)
  • A Bigger Family
    A Bigger Family
    Mama is going to have a baby, so Little Rabbit goes to the forest sharing such a good news. His family will be bigger! But, when will the baby be born? Mama always replays: "When I can no longer see my feet".
    15.00 € (C/ IVA)
  • The red ladder
    The red ladder
    A fun book for early readers about trusting in ourselves to achieve our goals. With vibrant, figurative images and simple storyline.
    12.50 € (C/ IVA)
  • Little cat and the holidays
    Little cat and the holidays
    Different types of families and social situations are represented in thispicture book, with the focus on the summer, the beach, the mountains andholidays in general and on another way of enjoying our leisure time.
    11.00 € (C/ IVA)
  • Whose is that creepy-crawly
    Whose is that creepy-crawly
    Seen from a distance, all creepy-crawlies look alike. But, if you take a closer look, you'll find that...
    10.00 € (C/ IVA)
  • The beginning
    The beginning
    Despite the cruel and devastating effects of a war, this poetic story is a message of hope. It's told from childhood and takes us to where bombs explode with every attention to detail.
    14.00 € (C/ IVA)
  • What Would you like to be?
    What Would you like to be?
    Fish, owl, crocodile? Wild or tame, all of them want to be other different animals, in this linked and round story about the power of imagination.
    15.00 € (C/ IVA)
  • Nests
    Big, small, approachable, hidden, original or simple nets... these funny birds live in different places. So different and similar at the same time, birds raise our curiosity and admiration.
    12.00 € (C/ IVA)
  • MUM
    Maternity is seen across poetry and art, tenderness and chromatic exuberance. A universal song about love and life in all its extension, from the human being and the creatures that surround us, up to the Mother Earth.
    16.00 € (C/ IVA)
    White as snow, black as coal. The friendship between Little Cat and Rabbit is the paradigm of the integration of two species that, the same as the persons, can be both equal and different.
    11.00 € (C/ IVA)
  • The little red hen
    The little red hen
    She found some grains of wheat, she planted them, she cut the wheat, she went to the mill, she baked the bread... But neither the dog nor the cat nor the duck helped her to do all that work, they were so idle and lazy.
    14.00 € (C/ IVA)
  • Little cat and the ball
    Little cat and the ball
    Playing alone or in a team? How many shared emotions Little Cat was missing before meeting Duck, Squirrel, Rabbit and Hedgehog.
    11.00 € (C/ IVA)
  • Mr. Anderson
    Mr. Anderson
    Picture books make us happy. Less telvision, more reading and adventures. This is a round story for enjoying with its rhymes, drawings and jokes. Specially recommendes for very small children.
    10.00 € (C/ IVA)
  • The Three Billy Goats
    The Three Billy Goats
    Popular tale. This is what happened to three billy goats -a big billy goat, a medium-sized billy goat, and a little billy goat- when they wanted to cross a bridge for eating some juicy green grass on the other side of the river and met a terrible ogre just there.
    14.00 € (C/ IVA)
  • Arthur
    10.00 € (C/ IVA)

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